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About us

Workplace injuries take an enormous toll on families — physically, emotionally and financially. We're here to help.

For some students, continuing their education after high school isn't guaranteed.

It's not a lack of good grades that stops them from going to college or into vocational training — it's a parent's workplace injury.
That's where the Pinnacol Foundation comes in. We created our scholarship program to ensure that the children of people seriously injured or killed on the job have the opportunity to pursue their education dreams. Since the foundation's launch in 2000, we've awarded $6 million in scholarships to nearly 650 students across Colorado.
Scholarships average $4,700 per student per year and may only be used for the costs of attending school at accredited colleges, universities, community colleges and vocational schools.

Make a difference

You can help make college or vocational training a reality for the children of people seriously injured or killed on the job.
The Pinnacol Foundation is an affiliate organization of Kids' Chance of America & member of the National Scholarship Providers Association.

Our scholars

The Pinnacol Foundation provided $452,820 to 95 scholars for the 2020-2021 academic year. View all scholarship recipients.